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Yemi Mobolade Candidate

After Mr. Mobolade's campaign saw that Integrity Matters was publishing answers, they reached out, after the deadline, asking to respond and promising to do so asap.  Days passed with excuses until we got an email from Mr. Mobolade, claiming he was not qualified, essentially, to answer these questions.  The only candidate who has done so.  We also should not that Mr. Mobolade is claiming in multiple media interviews to have audibly heard the voice of God. In his interview with KRDO News Radio, he says, "The Mayor's job chose me." (i.e. the Chosen One), and then follows with his audibly heard the voice of God story.  For those evangelicals who follow us, we respect and support all faiths, but we object to using religion in this way, and, in fact, in our reply to Mr. Mobolade, we cite Matthew 6:1 which teaches against this.  We also note that Jim Jones claimed he audibly heard the voice of God too.  It turned out to be a public safety problem when 900 followers, including more than 200 children, died because they believed God spoke to him.

Mr. Mobolade was also a supporter of Black Lives Matter displaying banners on his businesses (downtown coffee shop and bar), one of which was closed due to reported financial mismanagement.


 It's always good to be an informed voter.

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