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Recall Effort for Stephannie Fortune

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Many volunteers have signed up to help recall Stephannie Fortune who, in a jaw-dropping, carpet-bagger move was whisked by a bevy of other more qualified candidates to take the vacant City Council seat left by Richard Skorman's resignation. City Council member Wayne Williams lobbied hard for this contradicting his own criteria. Curious, isn't it? Please sign up to help remedy this wrong.

Stephannie Fortune who moved into D3 weeks after Richard Skorman announced his resignation.

Asked about her residency, Fortune said, "I don’t have to live in the district to love the district." She went on to add that her hair stylist, physical therapist and caterer are all in D3 -- and, of course, she gushed about the Broadmoor who we suspect is keenly interested in her retaining this seat as the still undeveloped Strawberry Fields braces for undisclosed changes that are not picnics and ponies.

It was a shocking display of power that Stephannie Fortune was appointed to City Council. In spite of deafening uproars from D3 residents and other city residents who objected to a Suthers' controlled council which is what we now have, Dave Donelson changed his vote, and she weasled her way into a job for which she was and is grossly underqualified.

She was the least qualified candidate for the job in every single way including her residency

What happened in this appointment to fill the D3 vacancy irresponsibly and hastily created by Richard Skorman was out of the Dark Ages when kings beheaded their opponents. This was King Suthers' wish as he needs a puppet council to push through all controversial development projects in his last political favors of the last 12 months of his damaging term which has taken Colorado Springs off the tourism cliff and turned us into a minimum wage mecca cramming our city with burger joints, commercializing and paving our parks and trapping citizens in gridlock cramming development after development in areas that cannot safely sustain it when the next big fire hits.

Energized voters are ready to right this wrong and remove Mis-Fortune in a recall effort. More details to follow, but be sure to donate AND sign up to volunteer. We will need everyone to step up and help. We cannot let this stand so future leaders understand while they can take developer donations, their leadership should put the voters' interests first. It's time we reset that power imbalance. Integrity matters.



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