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Why a Diversified Tax Base Matters.

For 8 years, John Suthers has driven us off a Tourism Cliff creating a Minimum Wage Mecca and serving his land baron donors.  Under his watch, Boulder and Denver have added a $10 million Google campus, Twitter, Facebook, Apple and a bevy of robotics companies.  Meanwhile, Suthers has added burger joint after burger joint, a failed Olympic museum tax payers keep bailing out with millions of dollars, Scheels (also retail) $16 million tax break that they said they didn't even need, Amazon warehouse and, most recently, chip manufacturing job.  We aren't getting ANY of the high wage workforce jobs which actually create more jobs.  This has also created the need for affordable housing.  It's his leadership that has created this mess.  In a diversified tax base, the local economy is more stable and weathers economic downturns more successfully and taxes can be kept lower while reaching the same or higher taxable income.

How much would residents have to contribute to generate $1,000,000 in tax revenue?
Residents have to contribute $200,000
Residents have to contribute $100,000
Diversified Tax Bases are more economically stable, generate more tax revenues and can keep taxes lower on residents to reach the same tax revenue goals.  
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