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Colorado Springs Forward gave as a reason for their campaign violations that they closed their operations.  Google seems to think so, yet they just made an historic $250,000 campaign donation to Wayne Williams.  Curious, their site returns 404 errors for every page although their home page is now saying "under construction".  The Wayback Machine has them operational in 2022.  Also, of note, Lynette Crow-Iverson (current City Council At-large candidate) is the Chairman of the Board of the purportedly closed, but not really, Colorado Springs Forward.  We have been informed that Ms. Crow-Iverson was included in the HBA PAC interview committee along with 3 Norwood executives to interview mayoral candidates as a representative of Colorado Springs Forward.  What is going on here?

Screenshot 2023-02-19 185627.jpg
Screenshot 2023-02-19 185601.jpg
Screenshot 2023-02-19 185711.jpg
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