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Integrity Matters Presidents Day Candidate

Survey Answers


Wayne Williams Candidate



Wayne did not respond to the survey.  Shocker.  We will be updating this with more information on Wayne.  Check out the Recall, Dark Money, Homeless and watch important information on that Tarot Card Water Ordinance that Council swiftly passed as proposed purportedly written by our most powerful developer in town.  Meanwhile, the public, Westside Watch, spent a  year bringing in world experts and presented scientific data, and not only did the Clearance Evacuation Time - Public Safety Ordinance not pass, they totally ignored it.  The message is:  if a developer wants something that protects his business, the bought-and-paid for Council delivers, but if the people want something to protect their lives that the developers don't want, well, that's a big no.  Wayne is the king of developers donations (87% when we did the recall.)

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Endorsed Candidate




FORWARD $250,000


111 S Tejon Towers of Power

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We have filed a CORA request asking for documents, texts, emails, verbal approvals surrounding the approvals of this ad which appears to be in violation of City Code. Specifically, we believe the ads violate 5.2.303: USE OF CITY RESOURCES FOR CAMPAIGNING PROHIBITED, which states:

"Except as specifically permitted by section 5.2.304 of this part, it shall be a violation of this part to use City resources to support or oppose, directly or indirectly, a person running for office, the retention of a person who is the subject of a recall election, or an election issue. (Ord. 12-91)"


Many people expressed anger that these ads include city facilities and employees.  The reason for the code is that it is unethical and unfair for a sitting politician to use the power and influence to gain advantage using taxpayer funded facilities and staff.  We encourage anyone to write asking for answers to these important questions.  We will let you know if we get an answer from Chief Royal, Ms. Massey, our Chief Legal Counsel, or the CORA request.  We hope the media asks as well.  As we noted in our correspondence, we are reminded of the notorious taxpayer-funded Jena Griswold ad which County Commissioner Gonzalez called out.  

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