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What's the HBA PAC and what do their endorsements mean?

The HBA is the Housing &  Building Association exists to promote conditions for builders and developers and tangentially related businesses.  The HBA PAC is a very powerful Political Action Committee that donates very large sums of money to candidates they pick to win Mayoral, City Council, County Commissioner & possibly School Board seats.  Essentially, they look for candidates who will best serve their agenda and can impact decisions surrounding growth and development in the city/county.

Though many of these candidates are likely pre-identified, they do go through an interview process and ask questions to discern how favorable or unfavorable candidates are.  This year that committee had 3 Norwood executives and, in the mayoral interviews, City Council Candidate and Colorado Springs Forward Chair, Lynette Crow-Iverson (one of their chosen ones) was part of the interview process which we thought was utterly bizarre if not totally inappropriate.  Colorado Springs Forward is the group who also donated $250,000 to Wayne Williams campaign....yeah, it's pretty clubby, isn't it?

Normally, we wouldn't really care, but this year we, and we sense that the public agrees, are fed up with the unbridled growth and obscene developer control.  So, if we want to take back control of our leadership and have representatives who work for us as opposed to the developers who fund them into office, then this is you best and easiest guide of who to vote against.  Below is the material they send's pretty bold, isn't it?  They tell their members to tell their employees, subcontractors, etc to vote for these candidates.  You might have seen the KRDO Investigative piece that speaks to some of this.

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